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Painted Glass Installation


How do I clean paint overspray on backpainted glass?

To clean off any paint overspray on the front of the back-painted glass or on the edges of the back painted glass, use light steel wool to remove overspray from edges of the glass and use lacquer thinner and a cloth to clean off overspray on the front of the back-painted glass. For really thick overspray, use single edge razor blades to help remove the thick overspray followed by the methods suggested above.

How do I remove imperfections in backpainted glass?

Sometimes glass is not completely cleaned and dirt/marks are still on the surface of the glass that you just painted. To fix this problem, wait until the paint is fully dry, use 120 grit sand paper and hand sand the paint off of the glass in the areas where the dirt/marks are located. It is ok if you obscure the glass surface with the sand paper. Once the paint and dirt/marks are sanded away, mix up a small amount of Glass Primer Paint and touch up the areas with your finger or a paint brush. The color tone might seem slightly off at first but you will notice a perfect blend once the small touch-ups dry.

How do I totally remove paint from glass?

To remove or "strip" paint from glass, lay the backpainted glass on a flat table or garbage can, cover the painted side with conventional paint stripper and let sit for 15 minutes, once paint becomes loose, spray the paint off with water (hose) and repeat if necessary. Once most of the paint is removed you must finish the paint removal with a single edge razor blade.

How do I clean paint from my paint gun?

We recommend lacquer thinner and a cloth to clean out your paint gun after each use. Spray lacquer thinner through paint gun for 30 seconds. Sometimes it is good to disassemble the paint gun and clean all of the internal parts with lacquer thinner as well.

How do I install backpainted glass?

The industry standard for installing back-painted glass is to use clear silicone glue and double sided glazers tape. The double sided tape serves as a temporary hold until the clear silicone glue dries. Mirror Mastic and Liquid Nails can also be used to install back-painted glass.

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